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Phish-prone Percentage Campaing result change after adding / removing user from groups



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    Douglas Freeman

    Hello Svacchini,

    Thank you for contributing to our community board. I took a look into this and our Phish Prone Percentage (PPP) is only for active users. So that portion is working as intended. If you needed that historical data I can see how that would be an issue for your reporting. So I've submitted a feature request on your behalf directly to our development team to see if there is a solution there! 

    We appreciate your contribution to the community board! if you have any additional requests I'd be glad to get those in front of our Dev team as well!

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    David Schernthaner


    we have the same issue with our reporting data. Is there any solution, yet?



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    Nick Bertram

    Hello David, 

    When user accounts are archived they will no longer show in the Phishing campaign report. If you would like to have archived users still show in the phishing campaign report, you can enable the "Include Archived Users in Reports" option in the account settings for the console. I put some steps on how to enable this option below for you. 

    How to include archive users in phishing campaign reports: 
    1. Log in to the KnowBe4 console 
    2. Click your email address in the top right hand corner
    3. Hit account settings from the drop-down list
    4. Select Phishing on the left hand side
    5. Click the check box for the "Include Archived Users in Reports" option 
    6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the Save Changes button

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