Compatibility with 3rd Party Spam filtering


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    Kaiser U.

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for reaching out to our community board! I'm sorry to hear there's some issues with your third party application and the Phish Alert Button (PAB). In general, depending on the PAB you have installed there are some slight communication differences that occur on the back end (such as: EWS calls and API calls). Sometimes, certain applications or filters may limit the inbound and outbound web traffic that is necessary for the PAB to function. Otherwise, it is not often commonplace for the add-in and filters to have issues. 

    In order to help you out more specifically, I've created a support ticket for you via our ticketing system.  One of our support techs will be reaching out to help further on this specific case for you. :) 

    Feel free to reach out again for further questions or comments. Otherwise, be sure to provide our techs any information on your environment (including the PAB install you used) to help resolve this case for you.




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