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    Douglas Freeman (Muokattu )

    Hi Loretta,

    Thank you for submitting a feature request on mobile clicks for phishing campaigns. I have some good news! The console currently does track failures by Operating System and the OS field does include mobile failures as well. 

    You will find this data in the campaign management portion of the console. HERE  is the documentation that will show you exactly where to find that information in the console

    Furthermore, you can download a CSV right from that screen that will show you a report of all failures. On that CSV you will find the OS column as well, which will designate if the failure in question was a mobile device.  

    Thank you for contributing if you have any other questions on this we'd be glad to open a support ticket for you and one of our technicians will be able to assist.

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    Loretta Harris

    Hi Doug,

    Wow thank you for this info!  This is very helpful.

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