Course report - users who have completed the training but haven’t acknowledged the course attached policies



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    Lauren Ashley (Muokattu )

    Hi Jason!

    Thank you for your contribution to our Feature Request Community Board!
    Currently, we offer two methods for assigning policies through your KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training console: 

    1. Policy Assignments
    2. Course-Attached Policies

    It appears as though you are using the Course-Attached Policies in your training campaigns. As you have found, the only report we offer for these types of policy acknowledgments is "Users who did not acknowledge their course-attached policies"– found under the Training section of your console. 

    We recommend using Policy Assignments to distribute and track policies in your console. This method offers more flexibility, enhanced progress tracking, and is also accompanied by many more options for reports–both within the Training section of your console and as part of our Advanced Reporting feature.

    Unfortunately, in order to resolve your current concern, comparing the two reports you've mentioned is the only workaround. If you use Policy Assignments in your annual training campaign next year, it will be painless to figure out which users have not acknowledged policies.

    If you have any questions feel free to reach out to

    Thanks again!


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