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    Ashley Rush

    Hello Brian,

    Thank you for contributing to the community board! I wanted to provide some information on a way that you could onboard new users. I will go over to different options that may work for you:

    1. A training campaign for all users

    You can elect to set up a training campaign for all of your users. While creating a training campaign, you are able to select multiple training assignments to go out to your users. Additionally, you would want to select a relative duration of 30 days and keep the "automatically enroll users added in the future" option enabled. This would enroll all of your existing users in the campaign, but would also enroll any new users you import in the future, giving them the same 30 day time period to complete the training.

    2. A training campaign for just new users

    If you do not want the training to go out to all of your current users, but rather just any new users, then this would be the better option. To start, you will want to create a group for any new users to add them to. If you are a Platinum or Diamond subscription level customer, you can use a smart group to automatically add any users that were created within a certain time frame. You can read more on smart groups in this article. Once you create this group, you would do the same set up as option one, but rather than assigning to all users, you would assign to your new users group.

    Feel free to read more on creating training campaigns in this article.




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