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    Ashley Nelson (Muokattu )

    Hello Ryan,

    I wanted to follow up on your post on the community board regarding training for users. Previously, if the course was not completed by the due date, it would remove the course from the users screen when they logged in. However, we recently released a new feature that permits you to allow users to complete training past the due date. In order to use this option, you can edit an existing campaign or create a new one and simply select 'Allow assignments to be completed after due date'.

    You can read more on the past due training option in this article.

    Thank you again for contributing to the community board.




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    Lauren Ashley


    Hi Ryan,

    I have submitted a support request on your behalf regarding this question. You should have received the relevant information at this time. If you have any other questions feel free to respond to that email.  Also, you can always email or click here to submit a support ticket.

    Thank you,


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