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    Ashley Nelson (Muokattu )

    Hello Russell,

    I wanted to follow up on the feature request that Lauren submitted for you. We have released the dynamic groups feature that Lauren mentioned was being worked on. This feature is called 'Smart Groups' in the console and is available to our Platinum and Diamond subscription customers.

    This feature would allow for you to set up a group looking for users created within the last month, and would automatically add anyone that meets that requirement and remove anyone that does not. You could then schedule a monthly phishing campaign using that smart group.

    Here is the article with additional information on smart groups.

    Thank you again for contributing to the community board!



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    Lauren Ashley

    Hi Russell,

    Thank you for your request.  Our development team is in the process of accomplishing something similar to the type of dynamic groups that you are referring to.  I have submitted your specific requests to our development team as well.  We base a lot of our development on customer feedback so we appreciate your input.

    If you need anything else or have more ideas you'd like to share, please feel free to reply back.




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