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    Douglas Freeman

    Hello Berny, 

    I'd love to submit that as a feature request or find a workaround for you but I'm not totally sure I understand the request. 
    Can you elaborate for me?

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    Berny Cordero

    Ok the idea if have a list of VIP's emails, like the CISO, CEO or Executives. We want to know if in PhishER we can set up a priority for those emails. Must be like.

    - Conglomerate the company's VIP mailing list.
    - Set those emails by priority on the INBOX.
    - Respond to emails based on priority as they arrive in INBOX.

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    Douglas Freeman

    Ah, I think I understand there, thank you for the clarification. 

    You're looking for priority in the inbox. Currently, that is not a feature that we have.
    A workaround that might work for you right now might be to use PhishER Rooms as a way to break out those emails from everything in the inbox. 


    What you can do there is save a query that searches for anything that was ingested into PhishER and has the email addresses of your companies VIPs. 

    How to Create a PhishER Room

    Video: PhishER Rooms

    If you wanted an additional layer of notification it is possible to create a YARA rule using these resources : 

    How to Write Yara Rules

    Video: YARA Rules 

    Yara Rule Examples

    The Yara Rule can set a tag for emails that come in from those addresses.

    From there you can set an Action to send an email notification to your Infosec team that an email has been ingested from one of your VIPs. 

    How Do I Create a Rule and Action in PhishER?

    I now that is a lot so if you'd like us to open a ticket for you we'd be glad to guide you through the process. Please note that if we do open a ticket the support team will not be able to write the YARA rules but we'd be glad to assist on all other portions!

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