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Listing of the training campaign sections is not obvious enough to users




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    Walter Rey

    It's been over a year since I put in this request, it should not be that hard to change the view of a page to some type of table form that can give the users a better display of the training modules they need to complete, instead of having to scroll down or refresh the pages which most of them do not do. This generates a lot of Help Desk tickets that are not necessary because they think they are done with the training but they are not and they keep getting our scheduled reminders, usually they are missing one or more modules they didn't see.

    It would really help to have an admin setting to control how the training list is displayed for our users and I think a table may be best with smaller view like a list that can display the status of the module for them and any other relevant info. The way it displays now is too big and requires them to scroll which we know many users will NOT do or do not read everything so we have to dumb it down for them.

    Also, the fact that you issue a certificate for each video module, gives them the impression they are DONE when they are NOT. We as admins should be able to control whether we want each module to issue a cert or just one cert for the whole campaign and whether we want or not to list the modules included in the campaign in the certificate.

    This should not be that hard to implement guys and it should have been like this since the beginning.

    Please make our admin lives easier and easier on the users too.


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    Walter Nelson

    Hi Walter,

    Unfortunately, I do not have any insight into if this is being implemented or not. Those decisions are entirely up to our development team. I do think that anything which makes our customers' lives easier would be a fantastic addition though. I did go ahead and note the feature request that this is something that you and your organization would really like to see. For the second part of your post where you mentioned that you would like to have more granular control over the issuance of completion certificates I did submit a different feature request for that as well. Thank you for contributing to our community board!

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