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    Kaiser U.

    Hey David,

    Thanks for reaching out with this feedback. This is a great idea! While we're a bit limited with this currently, this would make for great improvement.I've gone ahead and submitted this to our development and product team for further consideration. 

    If you or anyone else has more to contribute to this suggestion, feel free to share those details here with our team. 




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    Kris Kahn

    Looking for the same. What's the latest from the dev team on this? I'd like to be able to set default languages based on the location information. Smart groups seems like a good option, but how do I get the language preference to be persistent when I'm using AD provisioning? I don't want to make a lot of locally managed accounts because that will cause other problems.

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    Victor Lizardi


    Unfortunately I don't have any status to provide on the feature request, but I will add you it. While I can't guarantee implementation the development team will often prioritize items that have a large amount of people asking for it. In the interim you could have one of our custom fields sync an attribute of your choice that you put a user's language into within Active Directory. You could then use a smart group to target that custom field.

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