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    Douglas Freeman

    Hello Alan! 

    Thank you for posting on the community board! It would be helpful with email provisioning to have a third message option that only triggered when the email came from a particular place designated by the administrator. 

    I do want to direct you to our newest platform PhishER! You can click here for the product manual

    PhishER is an email provisioning tool that ties directly into the PAB but can be used without the Phish Alert Button as well. This new platform will ingest the email and based around rules set by the admin has the ability take action on them as well. 

    Here is the Actions portion of the product manual that will go in-depth about its capabilities. 

    These actions can be configured to send a custom email to an end-user to let them know that an email they sent was not a threat. 

    Here is an example of what that feature looks like below. 


    I would absolutely review the PhishER platform, but I've also I've submitted a feature request to the Dev team on this item for you in the event that PhishER is not a viable option! 

    Thank you for contributing to the community board, we look forward to any other good ideas that could enhance the platform. 

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    Bruce Collick

    I agree with Alan. Using PhishER is a good stop-gap, but if PAB could Prevent the user from reporting specific addresses the user wouldn't have to retrieve the message from their Deleted Items. And, PhishER wouldn't have to process them!

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