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    Kaiser (Edited )

    Hey Peter,

    Thanks for backing this feature! I've included your input for our development and product team for further consideration as well. As an alternative, if you find users are having difficulties with their passwords (remembering them, usually). May I suggest using the Password-less login option? With this option you absolutely can generate a new login link for your users directly. Instead of remembering a password, users merely can login directly from their email by clicking the unique link. You can also set this link to expire after x amount of time, in which it will generate a new link and void the previous one (for security reasons).

    Feel free to let us know if you have more feedback or insight for our community and consoles. :) 




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    Ariel Escalante

    Hi Timothy,


    I completely understand. This would make a great addition to administration tools. I have submitted a feature request on your behalf for the ability to trigger password reset emails to users from your administration portal. Thank you!

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    Peter deBlanc

    +1 - Seems like a very basic function was overlooked.

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