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    Ashley Rush

    Hello True,

    Thank you for contributing to the community board! Currently, if you want users to have the ability to complete training, even optionally, you will need to set up the training via a campaign. You can set this campaign to a no-end date and also title the campaign as Optional Training.

    However, I have submitted a feature request on your behalf to our development team to have optional training that users can self-enroll in. We base a lot of our new releases and features on customer ideas and requests, so we do appreciate your input.

    Thank you!


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    Rob Stratton

    I'd like to add on, that I would love to see separate tabs in the users' training page that houses mandatory and optional training. As it is now, depending on how many courses (or if a video series is added) their training console looks far too jumbled. If it was able to be cleaned up and organized into sections that would help significantly. 

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    Hey Rob,

    Thanks for adding your feedback to this forum! Great idea! I went ahead and added this suggestion to this feature request so our development team can review it as well. :) 

    Thanks again and please, continue to share your insight and suggestions within our community boards. Our team absolutely loves seeing all the great ideas and suggestions our KnowBe4 family has to offer.




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    Emily Popper (Edited )


    I'm hoping we'll see this feature very soon.  It would quadruple KnowBe4's usefulness to my company.  In the meantime ...

    1. Create a Smart Group and set its criteria to pull from a Static Group
    2. Create your Static Group and populate it however you want
    3. Create a New Campaign naming it however you want (I add "Optional" to my title)
    4. Do not set an end date
    5. Assign the Campaign to your Smart Group (this only works with Smart Groups)
    6. Choose "Enable courses to be done multiple times and reset progress upon re-enrollment"
    7. Do NOT send notifications
    8. Confirm that you want to create a Campaign without notifications

    The training will show up for your users on their "My Training" page. They won't be bothered by notifications and can take the training as often as they want. 

    It's not as good as self-enrolling, but it's an okay substitute. 

    P.S. The link I embed on our internal Intranet is just the link to Login to KnowBe4



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