Add questions to end of policies to test users knowledge




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    Maddy Townsend

    Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for sharing your idea with us! I've submitted a feature request on your behalf. This feature request is sent to our development team to review. Thank you for being a part of our community board!

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    Shane Henszey

    This would be a great addition as this is a common way to validate the policies are being read and understood. We have 3 clients that have requested this feature. 

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    Douglas Freeman (Edited )

    Hello Shane! 

    Thank you for contributing to the community board. I agree that this could be a great feature for the console to make sure that your employees are understanding the policies! 

    I want to direct you to a new feature that allows customers to upload custom content as a potential temporary workaround. 

    You can find the documentation for that feature here!

    While not the exact request you were referencing it would allow you or your clients to test users, track progress, and completion based around content that was specifically created and uploaded by them. This could include questions around policies that you asked the users to complete. 

    I do understand that that might not be an ideal solution, so I have gotten this request over to development for review to let them know that this is a feature that people are requesting.

    Thank you again for contributing to the community board!

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