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    Maddy Townsend

    Hi Lauren, 

    Currently, these requests are sorted by the ones that have been most recently posted and we do not have a structured list of all the feature requests that are submitted here but that's an excellent suggestion. I've submitted a service request on your behalf regarding this issue. 

    We do have the ability to search feature requests within our community board. There are search bars at the top where you can use key terms to find what you're looking for or you can use the categories to look through specific boards. If you can't find specifically what you're looking for, you're welcome to make a new post. It's okay if it's a duplicate, a feature request will be made on your behalf either way. 

    We love that you all are participating in our community board and hearing what kind of content you're interested in seeing. 


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    Bruce Collick

    I agree with Lauren Troppmann. I'd like to add Sort and Filter to it though. I'm fairly new to KnowBe4, and reading through all the requests is VERY time consuming. I'd like to suggest that when a request is made, it is categorized as part of the request submission. For example, if I have an idea for PAB improvement, or for a Reporting enhancement, I would tick a radio button for PAB requests or Reporting requests. So, when a client is looking for requests related to PAB or Reporting, they could sort/filter and see only requests pertinent to the feature they are interested in. 

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    Maddy Townsend

    Thanks, Bruce for your additional suggestion. I submitted a feature request for this improvement on your behalf.

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