Self-Motivated On-Demand Training Without Campaign




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    Jason Price

    Any feedback?

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    Lauren Ashley (Edited )

    Hi Jason! 

    Sorry for the delay in response, our community boards are moderated weekly. Thank you for these great ideas!

    I've passed this information along to our Product and Development teams for review. While I can't provide a timeline or guarantee that this feature request will be implemented, we are making many enhancements to our Learner Experience (LX) platform this year!

    We do take customer input into consideration when planning for new features or enhancements to our product line. Therefore, your feedback is greatly appreciated! 

    Thanks again!


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    Bruce Collick

    To add to this, I would like to see the ability for administrators to assign training modules to individual users rather than having to spin up a campaign.

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    Maddy Townsend (Edited )

    Hi Bruce,

    Thank you for the additional suggestion! I've submitted a feature request for you as well.

    Kind regards,



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    Alan Lloyd

    I'll add my vote to this feature request. I'd love to allow my more motivated users to browse a list of our "purchased" modules and work through any training modules they would like.

    Currently I've got a "Recommended (Not Required)" training campaign that has my "All Users" group assigned to it. This is a workaround at best, and clutters up the training interface for users who have been assigned to another training campaign.

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