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    Lauren Ashley

    Hi Sean!

    Thank you for this feature request regarding an end user notification/immediate feedback for "reply-to" phishing failures. I've passed along your idea directly to our Product and Development teams for review. While I can’t provide a timeline or guarantee that this feature request will be implemented, we'd like you to know that we do take customer input into consideration when planning for new features or enhancements to our product line. Therefore, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

    In the meantime, I'd like to make sure you're aware that you can use the console to monitor which users replied to your "reply-only" phishing tests. You'll see these results by navigating to the Phishing section of your console, clicking on the campaign name, and reviewing the "Replied" failures under detailed results for the campaign. Please see the Where is the information for the replies recorded? section of our Reply-To Phishing article for more information. 

    Thanks again!


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    Kevin Bryant

    I agree. This should be a feature that we can enable.

    Also - if users open an attachment (like an .hmtl) they do not get the "Red Flags" instruction landing page.

    The attachments should be generated with this training inside of them. Or the user should get a follow up training email showing them the red flags.

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