"You've been phished" for Word document attachments



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    Katie Brennan

    Hi there,

    Currently we don't place text in the attachment as we believe it would tip off some users to not open the attachment, for example, if they are to preview the attachment before opening. We have a great feature in the system which allows for attachments with macros, however, which will allow you do accomplish something similar in that it will take the user to any landing page of your choice after they enable macros on the document.

    You can do a phishing test which contains an attachment with a macro on it, which can take the user to a landing page of your choice once they click to enable the macros. It can be a great way to provide feedback to a user after they fail your attachment phishing tests.

    Thank you,

    Katie Brennan

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    Kevin Bryant

    I agree with this feature request. Not sure why it hasn't been added yet. 

    The web based landing pages should be adapted and migrated into all attachments. Or at the very least, follow up with the user clicking on an attachment with an email notification detailing they clicked on an attachment (and give link to the Red Flags landing page).

    We disable macros. So your fix isnt a good one.

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