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Campaign Group Filtering




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    Lauren Ashley

    Hi Todd,

    Thank you for your input! I have pondered on your goal of setting up a training campaign for all users that do not fall into your "Low Risk" Smart Group. You could implement this goal by using Smart Groups, but you would need to create two Smart Groups to account for all users that are not included in your "Low Risk" smart group. 

    • The criteria of the first group would essentially be the opposite of the "SG-Low Risk Users" group: (1) User must have been created prior to the last 6 months, (2) User must have clicked more than 0 times in the last 12 month
    • The second group would account for those users that have been created in the last 6 months and therefore are exempt from the "SG-Low Risk Users" Smart Group. It will consist of one criteria rule: (1)The user must have been created in the last 6 months. 

    If you then include both of these groups in the training campaign enrollment, the 'non-low-risk', as well as the 'new' users (created in the last 6 months), will be assigned to the training. 

    Regardless, I have submitted a feature request for the ability to omit groups from training campaigns when "All Users" are selected for enrollment to our Development team for review. We base a lot of our development on customer feedback so we do appreciate your input.

    If you have any questions feel free to submit a support ticket here.

    Thanks again!



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    Todd Staben

    Oh good idea Lauren! I'll definitely give that a try and thank you for submitting it as well.

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    Matthew Bates

    Any chance this feature is planned to be worked? I requested the same exact thing via support ticket #188269 back 01/31/2019 -- I am sad that neither of the solutions that would accomplish this have been implemented:

    1) Allow smart groups to use smart groups as criteria
    2) Allow simulated phishing campaigns to exclude users that are members of a smart group

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