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    Katie Brennan

    Hi Gerry,

    They can certainly all take the training from a single computer.

    The best method will be to first enroll your users in the security awareness training modules desired. You may want to disable the training notifications (or revise the training notifications to mention that you will have them do the training on a single computer).

    Then, you can direct users straight to and have them login with the email address you've enrolled them in. Once they enter their email address, a confirmation link will be sent to their email to confirm their account. They will need to login to their email and click on the link in the email received to set their password and login for training.

    If you'd rather not have them set their own passwords and would rather "autoconfirm" their account for them so they can immediately log in to training, you can set a mass password for your users and simply provide that password to them. You can do this under the Users-->Import Users area, either by using Quick Import or a CSV. If you do that, they will only need their email address and the password you set in order to login for training.

    If you'd like, one of our support techs can assist you further with setting up your training. Would you like me to open up a support ticket for you?



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