Setting Up Integrations

Reduce Email Security Risk with Combined Insights from Tessian

KnowBe4’s integration with Tessian combines KnowBe4’s phishing simulation and training results with Tessian’s Human Layer Risk Hub, which allows admins to gain a more comprehensive view of their high-risk employees. If you’re an admin, you can use this integration to obtain insightful information around individual users’ performance in simulated phishing tests, help internal analysts prioritize security incidents, and see the value of security training and risk reduction in your organization.

See the steps below to integrate your KnowBe4 phishing and training information with Tessian:

  1. Log in to your Tessian admin console.
  2. Click Integrations, then select KnowBe4.
  3. Under Status, toggle Enable.
  4. Add your API key and Region, then click Save.
  5. Toggle Risk Impact to allow KnowBe4’s phishing simulations and training to impact Tessian’s phishing risk driver.
    1. Select the weight of each risk impact category from the drop-down fields.
  6. Click Save.

For more information about our integration with Tessian, see Tessian’s Tessian + KnowBe4 Technology Integration article.

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