Site Maintenance

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training (KMSAT) Site Maintenance

We aim to provide the highest levels of availability and reliability for your Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training platform (KMSAT). However, scheduled maintenance is required so we can keep your console up-to-date and secure. To minimize any potential disruption, please note that your KnowBe4 console may be unavailable during these scheduled maintenance windows.

For some releases, we may need to schedule additional maintenance windows to ensure you the best possible service with minimal disruption. To stay up-to-date on scheduled maintenance windows, we strongly recommend subscribing to

Below is our scheduled maintenance window for each instance of the platform:

Product Day Time
KMSAT Wednesdays 9 PM - 11 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Important:Note: Urgent maintenance will be performed as necessary. This may result in short periods of unavailability. For current system status, you can always visit

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