Change the Phish Alert Text for the Server-Based Microsoft Exchange Phish Alert Button (PAB)

If you're using the Exchange (server-based) Phish Alert Button (PAB), and you'd like to change the Phish Alert banner text to something else, you are able to.

Standard Phish Alert Text

How Do I Change the Text?

To do so, prior to installing the PAB on your mail server, download the ExchangeManifest.xml file from your KnowBe4 Account Settings, open it in a text editor, and edit the following line of text:

<DisplayName DefaultValue="Phish Alert" />

The text shown in red is where you may enter a replacement for the text which says "Phish Alert" by default.

Then save the file, and install the Phish Alert Button as you normally would.

If you would like to localize the text of PAB, you can replace the language codes in the DisplayName Override values as shown below. Any override values will be used for specific locales and the default values will be used for unsupported locales.

You can find a list of official language identifiers in Microsoft's Language identifiers and OptionState Id values article and a list of ISO codes in the List of ISO 639-1 codes found on Wikipedia.

Please note that the lines of text shown in the above image may vary depending on the number of languages that were added to your PAB instances through our Language Aware feature. To learn more about the language-aware feature for Microsoft 365, please visit our Adding Languages to the Phish Alert Button article.

If you've already installed the PAB on your server, you can follow the same steps as above. First, remove your existing PAB add-in from Exchange, and then add the new .xml file you've edited as an add-in. Your users will then see the PAB with the new text that you've edited.

How Do I Change the Hover Over Text?

To change the Hover Over Text, use the same ExchangeManifet.xml file from your KnowBe4 Settings, open the file in a text editor, and edit the following lines of text: 

Follow the instructions listed in the How Do I Change the Text section of this article, to enter the replacement text in the DefaultValue for the labels that say "Phish Alert". You can also add locale-based replacement text for the supported languages in your PAB configuration file.

Having trouble locating your Account Settings?

To locate your Account Settings, click your email address on the top right of the console, and click Account Settings. The ExchangeManifest.xml is located under the Phish Alert section in your Account Settings.

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