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Reported Phishes of the Week Category Overview

Cybercriminals often use shocking tactics to get users to fall for phishing attacks. Sometimes, these tactics will appear in our Reported Phishes of the Week phishing template category. This category contains the top 10 phishing emails users have reported to us using the Phish Alert Button (PAB) in the previous week. Our security research team picks these emails each week, then we use them to create new phishing templates.

The recommended settings for a phishing campaign with the Reported Phishes of the Week template category are listed below. With these settings, you can phish all of your users at different times with randomized templates. If you'd prefer not to set up an additional campaign, you can choose to include this category as part of other phishing campaigns.

a. Campaign Name: Enter a descriptive name, such as "Reported Phishes of the Week".b. Send to: Select All Users.

c. Frequency: Select Weekly.d. Start Time: We recommend starting your campaign on a Wednesday since templates are typically updated Monday evenings.e. Sending Period: Send emails over 3-5 business days.f. Track Activity: Leave the setting as-is.g. Track Replies to Phishing Emails: Select this check box to see if your users will reply to the simulated phishing email they receive.h. Template Categories: Select Reported Phishes of the Week and Full Random.Note: This category will be updated weekly so your users will receive the newest phishing templates each time the campaign runs.i. Difficulty Rating: Leave this setting as-is.

j. Phish Link Domain: Leave this setting as-is.k. Landing Page: Keep Default Landing Pages.

Important: If your organization's culture requires that you get approval on the kinds of templates you use to test your users, you should not set up an automated phishing campaign using this category. We recommend that you set up your own category for the reported phishes of the week and update it each week with only the template styles you'd like to use for that week.

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